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           Clean Room Stationery

           Clean Room Furniture/ Shelves











Clean Room Powder Free Gloves




ESD/Work Gloves




Clean Room Anti Static High Temp Gloves



Chemical Solvent Resistant Gloves

                                                     Shoe Covers




Non Woven Polypropylene





Anti Skid Non  Woven











Non Woven Booties Cover


Disposable Garments




Buffon Cap/Head Cover



2 Ply Face Mask With Ear Loop




3 Ply Face Mask  With 4 Ties




3 Ply Face Mask With Head Loop




Active Carbon Face Mask With Ear Loop





Active Carbon Cup Mask With Head Loop



Clean Room Stationery

Clean Room Paper

Size:     A4, A3, A1

Colour: 1, White  2, Sky Blue  3, Yellow

              4, Green   5, Pink  6, Orange






1, Clean Room Pen

2, Clean Room Marker





Clean Room Ballpoint Pen 

Material: Stainless Steel



Clean Room  Notebook In Spiral Type

and Staple Type

Size: A4, A5, Pocket Size



 Furniture/ Shelves




3 Layer Trolley








2 Layer Cart






3 Layer Cart





4 Layer Trollley





Clean Room Desk